No overdraft? No working capital? No Funding ? No problem!

Clearpath Finance are now one of Northern Irelands leading Alternative Lending Platforms and have access to a wide variety of funders from across the UK & Ireland. Many of the loans we have provided for in the last few months have been secured finance, but of late we have been able to get a number of unsecured loans over the line and drawn down for our clients . 

At the end of last week we sourced an unsecured loan of £175,000 for a petrol filling station in County Armagh and a £200,000 Working capital loan for a builder in County Antrim - ALL UNSECURED, with rates from 6 %.

Every month our own business continues to evolve and grow, and this can only be good news as the better we do, the better you and your business do.

If you or your client has a funding requirement, get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you.



One of the biggest challenges facing the business community is the lack of liquidity in the market place.  This has placed significant pressures on many businesses not only cashflow pressures but sustainablility and growth .   In November last year our team was asked to originate the funding of and the acquisition of three petrol filling stations in NI.  This deal had been unsuccessfully placed  in Belfast as  the high street banks simply couldn't get there in terms of puling together a funding package.  We were instructed and immediately reached out to our network of funders and within 4 days  had  a firm finance offer for our client.  In April of this year the deal completed which was a major success for the borrower and the team allowing the borrower to expand and develop a larger business . 

The broad details of the funding terms were :-  70% LTV with interest only at 8% over a 5 year term. Total capital employed just under £6MM.

We delivered an innovative funding solution for the borrower because thats what we do !  If you or your client base have a funding requirement, why not give our team a call.  




Over the last 6 months our new funding business has been writing in the region of £3MM of new business loans per month.  In total we have helped seek new capital for twenty three businesses and at the point of writing we have a further £16MM of new business loans in legals.  To say the business has been busy is an understatement but we will take that, as we have worked hard to develop the relationships with the funders we now have and also our client base.

Retail Investment Property

We are delighted to confirm that in May 2017 we closed on the refinance of a retail investment property trading in N Ireland.  The high street banks couldn't put a package together to allow this refinance to happen, so we had to reach out to one of our funders in the UK.  All in we were able to secure the funding on a 70% loan to value basis with cost of funds coming in at 8%.  Another happy client for Clearpath Finance.

If you require new capital for your business, why not give one of our team a call to talk through your requirements.  We would be delighted to talk with you.



We are delighted to announce this week that we have secured at least £30m of Investment monies for green energy projects right across the province.

The Green Energy Fund will be available for new and existing wind farms and anaerobic digester businesses and projects across Northern Ireland.

To date we have delivered over £8m of new capital for green energy projects since the company was established in 2016, and currently we are working through close to £10M of new funding requirements for Green energy projects.

Conor Devine MRICS of Clearpath Finance said; “We are committed to helping green energy projects in Northern Ireland.  Continued growth and investment into this sector is vital as we move to harvest renewable energy sources.

Clearpath Finance provides an alternative source of lending as a commercial finance broker working with a number of major lenders across the UK. The company has established excellent relationships working with a select number of peer-to-peer lenders, equity and mezzanine funders and private lending consortiums to go some way to solve the current liquity crisis in the local economy.

James Gibbons, Clearpath Finance added; “Obtaining and delivering finance in this current market can be extremely difficult. At Clearpath, we have identified the support and solutions needed for businesses who are seeking to finance or refinance their business or project at more competitive finance rates than those currently on offer. We will continue to provide new finance streams to businesses across Northern Ireland.”

This year our team is at the Balmoral show, so if you are in the area, call in and we can discuss your funding requirements in person. 

James Gibbons LLB & Conor Devine MRICS of Clearpath Finance

James Gibbons LLB & Conor Devine MRICS of Clearpath Finance


This month, we are six months in business and are delighted to say that in a short space of time we have been able to make a very positive contribution to the local economy, despite all of the current uncertainty that exists. 

We are delighted to report that as of this week we have been able to introduce over £18,000,000 of new business loans to the N Ireland economy. This is an incredible achievement in a short space of time, and we are delighted that we have been able to help deliver new capital to over twenty one local businesses ranging from those in construction, renewables, licensed premises to manufacturing and logistics.

The goal of our business is to be the number one alternative lending platform in N Ireland in the first twelve months of trading and with over £17M of new loans agreed and with solicitors, in addition to the £18M that has already been drawn down, we are well on the road to achieving this.

If you have a funding requirement, why not think of speaking to one of our team as we pride ourselves on getting you a decision in principle within 72 hours.

The company is looking forward to the next few months and in particular next week where we will be making a major announcement with regards to a very positive development within the business that will have another huge benefit for the N Ireland economy.